The Association of Danish Cultural Journals

The association of Danish cultural journals set up in 1993, acts as an organization of interest for, so far 100 cultural journals published in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

The Journals cover all the cultural spheres, with a high professional level in common. Most often, the editorial work is done con amore (this pages is no exception!) and with financial support from the ministry of cultural affairs.

The association lends a hand in situations and places where the individual journal needs support: where it helps to join forces, but always with regard to the journals own needs and ideas.

The purpose of the association is:- To handle the journals interests in relation to the authorities.- To represent the journals in organizations such as Copy-Dan.- To cooperate with similiar associations abroad.- To inititate and carry out joint-making.- To arrange cources and seminars relevant to the journals.- To create the basis for added collaboration between the journals.

FDK do not sell the journals, in case please contact the journals.

Besides this, you are welcome to write to our chairman:

- or the webeditor:

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